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Celebrating Teachers

Everyday COVID Heroes

To show our appreciation for their tireless efforts, we are contributing a total of $1,000 to 40 teachers for gifts that they will get--or have already gotten--for their kids or for themselves!  

If you're a teacher, and you have already purchased gifts:

  1. Choose one of the gifts, and create a cruzzle for it!

  2. Share the link on our Facebook page along with your experience teaching in the time of COVID.  Cruzzle will make the first contribution, up to $25, just to say thanks! 

  3. Share your link on your own page so parents and community members have the chance to participate too.

  4. If you haven't purchased a special gift yet, create a cruzzle and raise funds to help buy it!


If you're not a teacher, but would like to support one:

  1. Invite your child's teacher, or a teacher you love, to create a cruzzle to share with you.

  2. Post the link on our Facebook page. Include anything you'd like to share about the teacher.  Cruzzle will contribute up to $25.

  3. Share the link with ​other parents and on your personal page.

Here's how you can participate
Questions?  Message us on Facebook or reach out to us at
Click the button to get started!

Group Gifting in Action

Not only can the community show teachers love by chipping in for their Christmas gifts, but Cruzzle also lets contributors send a personalized video to the teacher after they give.  Check out how family and friends got together to celebrate this milestone birthday.

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