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  • How is my gift purchased?
    You (the puzzle organizer) are responsible for purchasing your gift. Cruzzle provides a way for your guests to share in the cost of that gift.
  • Can I purchase my gift on your site?
    Currently, you are not able to purchase gifts from within the app. However, Cruzzle is an Amazon Affiliate, and our Featured Gifts are available for purchase on If you choose to purchase one of our Featured Gifts, you will be directed to Amazon from the app.
  • So do I have to purchase my gift from Amazon?
    No. You can purchase a gift from anywhere you choose. Cruzzle offers a way for groups to easily divide the cost and collect money.
  • Can I have more than one gift in a puzzle?
    No. Currently you can only have one gift per puzzle. But, you can create as many puzzles as you would like!
  • Can anyone purchase puzzle pieces?
    Anyone with your personal puzzle link can purchase pieces (say that 5 times fast!). Whoever you send the link to, and whoever they share the link with, will have access to your puzzle and can contribute.
  • What if my gift is not fully funded? Will I still receive any money?
    Yes! You will receive all contributions made to your gift, even if the gift is not fully funded.
  • How do I get my money?
    When you create your first Cruzzle, you will create a Stripe account to receive your funds. Stripe processes the payments from your guests, and allows you to register a bank account to receive those funds.
  • How much are the fees?
    Cruzzle adds a small fee to each guest contribution at the time of checkout. These fees vary based on the size of the transaction, but won't exceed $2 per transaction. Credit card companies charge a separate processing fee. For example, a $16.00 contribution would incur $2.36 in total fees, so the guest will pay a total of $18.36. For a $160.00 contribution, there would be $6.94 in fees, totaling $166.94.
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