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Last minute?  No problem!

They set up a cruzzle and send you the link!
Share our page with your family or friends.
They choose a gift that they have already purchased.
Make any gift a group gift

Need to get a last minute gift for someone?  A niece, nephew, or even a friend's child?  Have their parent send you a Cruzzle! 

Xbox, American Girl dolls, new bikes...any gift can be a group gift.  You get to participate in the gift-giving, parents save money, and the kids get the gift they've been wanting!

Click the share button to get started!

Were you asked to set up a group gift?


Group Gifting in Action

Not only can you help your loved ones magnify their giving by joining forces with others to fund amazing gifts, but Cruzzle also lets contributors send a personalized video to the recipient after they give.  Check out how family and friends got together to celebrate this milestone birthday.

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